How Personalized Hypnosis Works

Custom Hypnosis Recordings

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Although we have different titles as MP3 downloads, CD, and on Playaway® all available on, it is possible that you still need or desire something more specific. This is why on we offer custom-made hypnosis, affirmations, guided meditation & subliminal recordings personalized just for you!

Why would you choose a personalized recording? – You want a very specific topic, not currently offered on – You are looking to optimize and maximize results – You want a more personal touch to address your needs. If you are looking for customized audio recordings of therapy or hypnosis specific to you, this is the perfect option.

Get a high-quality hypnosis download completely personalized for YOU by Ellen; a trained and certified professional.

The Process

Hypnosis & Therapy to Discover the Mind-Body Connection

Each Audio Program consists of the following format: Induction (relaxing audio with self-hypnosis to prepare you for suggestions), Suggestions (created from your unique input on the online form; we use your own information to help you focus on your goal), and Awakening (resolve the session and guide you into a more alert state).

Please allow one week for production time on your custom Audio recording. Upon purchase, you will be directed to a link for the online form. Simply complete the detailed portions of the form so we can use the information to create your custom audio recording.

Note: Each custom recording should focus on one problem area at a time. Since each personal recording is custom produced there are no refunds or returns.

Each custom hypnosis session we record is unique to the individual and is produced using this step by step approach…

Reach Out

Customized Anxiety Help

Step one in creating and recording your personalized hypnosis session is with the first initial contact. Simply fill out the contact form to let us know what you would like to achieve and what issues or obstacles you would like to resolve. As professionals, if it becomes apparent to us that certain concerns expressed require an outside referral, that may be recommended. After reviewing your custom hypnosis recording form, if it appears that we can perfectly address your needs, then we will book your appointment into our calendar and work with you to produce a meaningful, personalized, self-hypnosis session.

You will receive a personalized recording made especially for you, as though you were in person in Ellen’s private practice office in Dallas. So, simply complete the contact form and answer the questions as accurately as possible. Once completed, click “Send” and you will be directed towards checkout for payment. Within a few days, you will receive a link to download your unique personalized hypnosis audio recording; all done from the comfort of your home!

If you are looking for customized self-hypnosis or customized therapy to relieve stress, anxiety, or depression, or help with addiction, weight-control, and more, all from the comfort of your own home, this is the perfect option for you.

Book Your Appointment

Hypnosis & Therapy for your Mind-Body Connection and Discovery

The next step to creating your personalized hypnosis recording is to secure your time in our schedule. We will send you a Pay Pal money request or bank transfer in order for you to book your appointment. Once payment is received, we will then book your personal time in our schedule. In addition to our audio recording sessions, we run our in-person therapy and hypnosis practice in Dallas, so by booking your appointment into our schedule, your session can be recorded live at our practice without any interruptions, as if you were visiting us for a private session.

Personal Hypnosis/Therapy Session Roadmap Prepared

If you visit our therapy and hypnosis office in Dallas for an appointment, we would first find out what positive change you would like to see in your life. We would then produce a session road map, and once you are in conscious agreement, we proceed to the hypnotherapy part of the session, during which we would deliver positive suggestions to your unconscious mind which would facilitate this change. You can feel confident knowing that during this stage of the process you will be experiencing the same approach you would receive if you had visited our private practice in person. No matter what you want to see changed in your life, whether it is an addiction and weight-control issues, depression, anxiety, stress, and more, both our audio sessions and our in-person sessions can help.

Live Hypnosis/Therapy Recorded Session

Your hypnosis session will be recorded live at our private hypnotherapy practice in Dallas, Texas. During your session, experienced professional Ellen Chernoff Simon will first guide you into a wonderful state of relaxation. She will then use the power of suggestion to direct your unconscious mind to bring about the positive change that you want to see in your life. The session is recorded as if you had visited us for a private one-on-one session. The session will be recording with your wants and needs in mind and with a joined energetic intention to eliminate your obstacles and manifest your deepest wishes.

Hypnosis Session Download

One of the great advantages of having your session recorded in this manner is that it allows you to listen to it in the comfort of your own home, whenever you would like. Our goal is to record your session and get this to you in the shortest amount of time possible. You can put on your headphones, get yourself comfortable, and relax as the suggestions are accepted by your powerful unconscious mind. We will also send you instructions to download your session once it is complete.

Change Your Life Through Hypnosis/Therapy

Everyone wants to be happy, to feel good and be healthy, to express their unique nature, and get more out of life. Regardless of the depth and complexity of your request or the simplicity of your current goals, accessing the state of hypnosis can help you realize those goals and help you maintain your desired outcome. The process and energetic brain state of hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues. So you may be wondering; will a custom hypnosis session help me with…? We have proven to help with addiction, weight-loss, anxiety, depression, stress, and other issues. If you are unsure if our hypnosis and therapy sessions will help you, just reach out and ask! We’re confident that we can help you to feel good and move toward the life of your dreams. We invite you to take that first step to a brand new life and a brand new you. You can change your life when you change your mind.