Mind-Body Treatment for Stress Relief and Happiness.

Hypnotherapy, IFS, Stress relief, KAP, Neurofeedback

Connect with your inner self.

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Why Zen Den?

Hypnosis. Mind-Body Connection. Weight Loss, Anxiety, and Addiction Guidance. Stress Management. And More.

You receive Integrative & compassionate mind-body therapy in a safe nurturing environment. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, neurofeedback, and biofeedback for trauma, stress, pain, sleep, and relationship issues. The goals of therapy are to empower autonomy, freedom from suffering, increase awareness, spontaneity, and authentic expression of the unique self. Seasoned psychotherapist Ellen Chernoff Simon has over 25 years of experience with children, teens, and adults. Focus is on healing trauma, pain, and disconnection from the true Self and awareness of the many creative parts within. Therapy consists of self-discovery and reconnecting to the individual’s own inner resources of strength, love, wisdom, and restoring trust in one’s Self. Therapy includes non-judgmental compassionate acceptance of addictions, anxiety, relationship issues, and empathetic exploration of their origin and purpose. Hypnosis for healing trauma and unwanted habits;  weight management, smoking cessation, addictions. Biofeedback for stress, focus, and pain management. Neurofeedback to balance the autonomic nervous system and to facilitate neuroplasticity to enhance optimal functioning and sense well-being and connection to the creative authentic self. Therapist Ellen is involved in ongoing personal development and training in compassionate inquiry, internal family systems, and nia – a mind-body movement practice.

Dallas Hypnosis and therapy to help you discover your mind-body connection.

It is my intention to relieve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual suffering by supporting your own healing of the mind-body connection. This is done by guiding you to connect to your own inner wisdom. It is my purpose and mission to provide readily available tools that serve to empower each individual to reconnect to an inner source of peace and strength. This power is ever-present, ever-renewing, and serves to connect each person to that which is true, loving, and good, and is woven through all of life. Enter the den of your mind and connect to your creative imagination, which has the power to heal the mind, the body, the spirit, and ultimately our relationship with our own self and others.

In addition to therapeutic services, I offer supportive products in Dallas to empower the mind-body connection to aid in the relief of suffering, enhance the experience of happiness, and ultimately energize the power of personal transformation. These supportive products are crafted with intention, compassion, and love for humanity (and Mother Earth). I recognize that we are all a work in progress.

These targeted solutions are based on over twenty years of clinical experience treating individuals suffering from addiction, anxiety, pain, stress, sleep disorders, and trauma, as well as those looking to use hypnosis and therapy as a weight loss solution.

My vision is based on a firm belief that long-term success is a result of a genuine commitment to the personal, professional, and spiritual development of every individual.


Balancing The Whole Of You

Get the holistic mind-body therapies you deserve, completely customized to meet your needs. Balance, heal trauma, and remove toxic energy from the mind and body. Zen Den will show you how to balance the subconscious mind by integrating the mind, body, and spirit. Learn to utilize the mind to help with physical conditions, such as the brain-gut axis, polyvagal theory, the autonomic, enteric, and somatic nervous systems.

Humans are made up of energy. Balancing the energy of the body, mind & spirit can serve to support the individual to access their own innate healing wisdom. Healing is promoted when the balance is restored.

Life itself, especially our hectic modern life, can trigger imbalances that can be re-calibrated with the right thought, right feeling, right view, and right intention all set on the desired outcome. Empower yourself with knowledge and tools to supercharge your mindfulness and empower you to “detox” yourself from toxic substances, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and habits.

Learn the tools of self-mastery and access your own “on board” inner guidance system, harness your innate abilities, gain confidence in using these, and integrating these new abilities and beliefs into your every daily life. Zen Den is your go-to Dallas therapy and Dallas hypnosis solution to empower your life and deal with addiction, weight-control, mind-body connection, and other problems you may be facing.