Client Reviews

It’s hard to put into words the gratitude I feel having the opportunity to work with Ellen and the transformation I have experienced. I came to Ellen because I was struggling with the pain of a divorce and trying to rebuild my life and I consider it one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I felt totally comfortable working with her immediately. She suggested some wonderful books and provided her great Guided Meditation CDs. They are the best! She has the most soothing voice and over time, the negative beliefs I held, although not totally erased, have seemed to just wash away in importance like sand castles. Ellen has a gracious, nurturing, compassionate, respectful manner about her that is almost angelic.. She is a great person to talk to. Her insight and understanding of people is truly graceful and healing! And yet she embraces tremendous new technology that works like magic. And she is obviously well educated in a huge variety of modern therapies and combines these skills with meditation and a deep understanding of eastern and newer world philosophies. I call her my peak performance coach. She’s my dating coach. Formerly a person with tons of self- doubt, she has helped me to not only accept myself, but to love the person I am. She has helped me to focus on what I truly want in life, to believe I can achieve it, and to go for it with calmness, clarity, and courage. She is a great person to bounce ideas off on almost any subject. I could go on and on about Ellen and it would be true. If a person will just trust her, not expect immediate miracles, and wants to change, they will experience positive change working with Ellen. She is truly a magnificent healer to anyone who is hurting. Gary "On January 1st I weighed approximately 307 pounds. Today, May 1st, I weigh 250 pounds. Making a total lost of 57 pounds in 5 months. Your methods have done more than prove themselves. You have truly helped me train my body in portion control and quality control. But not only are you great at your job, you are a great person. You are a valuable friend. If I'm blue, your smile when I walk in the door brightens my day. Thank you so much for everything!"
Robert Harris, 18 Years Old
Your recordings are the Best I have ever heard, and my Clients get great results much so they share them with their children! The Self Love CD is one I suggest for the parents of children who being bullied at school. AND... several clients have had sleep problems. Also, I have a client who has not been able to sleep since age 3!! She's now 30 even with medical sleep!! Literally she'll go for weeks and not sleep!! She's sleeping and healing now. We all know you can't heal or grow if you don't sleep... Your CD's are truly life changing, I can only imagine what a session is like with you. You are so gifted, so blessed and so genuine. GOD has truly blessed you with HEALING talents: Metal, physical and emotional. I Thank God for knowing you, you have blessed me as you bless others. Thank you Ellen you truly have the gift of change!
Vickie Knutson
Plano, Texas
This Audio recording quieted my brain after I experienced a cerebellum stroke (left side). I listen to your Stroke Recovery CD once and sometimes twice a day. Listening is better than popping a pill. None of my health care professionals suggested listening to this Recording. For me, listening has been a life safer in many ways. My daughter purchased the imadulation Stroke recovery CD for me after she had a conversation about my stroke with her own therapist. This audio recording continues to do more than my 2-week stay in acute rehab. My acute rehab experience was more than awful. The experience of comfort and healing started the moment I began listening the CD. Wish my health care professionals had been proactive and recommend this type of therapy while I was in acute rehab racking up over $96,000 in costs. Devoted listener.
Orangevale, California
If you value quality, drug/supplement free sleep, I highly recommend Ellen’s products. I specifically endorse the “Sleep Well Guided Meditation CD” and “Imadulation Aromatherapy Sleep Well Essential Oil Blend”. My commitment to AT EASE is based on 10-months of battle-testing during my last deployment to Afghanistan. If you’ve been deployed before, then you know quality sleep doesn’t really exist. You are supporting the mission non-stop 24/7 and even when you aren’t directly supporting it you are obsessively thinking about it. The din of war is non-stop—it’s a continuous relay of deafening, abnormal sounds that include helicopters, jets, humvees, range exercises, indirect fire attacks, counter-battery fire, explosions, controlled detonations, swing-shifts and other people who are jealous because you get a nap and they don’t. Add an unhealthy consumption of tobacco, coffee and energy drinks and your nervous system is shredded in a very short time. But the mission goes on and so must you shipmate / battle-buddy / wingman. Ellen’s products allowed me to sleep through most of my deployment without incident. “Sleep-time SOP” Insert ear-plugs Put Bose noise cancelling headphones on Put on a sleeping mask and beanie (to hold everything in place) Play (on repeat) AT EASE Chapter on Sleep Drift away In my experience, AT EASE grew in intensity the more I used it – it is like muscle memory for your brain. As soon as I heard Ellen’s sweet and tranquil voice, I knew everything was ok and that I could temporarily go someplace nice. This even worked for “power-naps” as I was able to reach REM states much faster and much easier. I woke up rested, positive and confident to tackle whatever crisis was erupting. Ambien is not the best option because it impairs your performance and response time, making you a risk to yourself and your unit. Melatonin never works consistently and even when it does, it has residual effects. Drinking Benadryl or NightQuil is just a bad idea. Give AT EASE a try. Signed, Anonymous*
As a Marine Corps veteran, a new father, and a full time student at the University of Texas, I am under a constant mountain of stress. As a result, I have found that it is very hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. However, I have recently discovered a product called "AT EASE" created by Ellen Simon. The content in "AT EASE" contains guided imagery for stress, pain and sleep (and I also ordered her “One Heart Aromatherapy Sleep Well Essential oil blend) all of which has helped me considerably. After using these outstanding products before bed every night, I noticed that I have been able to fall asleep faster and not wake due to anxiety. I have also noticed a vast improvement in my concentration throughout the day. Assignments that use to have me stumped for hours no longer seem so daunting. Subsequently, my grades rose and the anxiety that usually haunts me began to disappear. Another great factor about Ellen’s products is they are completely drug free, so if you’re looking for a drug-free sleep and stress reduction aide, I highly recommend that you try Ellen’s products. Semper Fi.
Shane S.
Hi Ellen, A funny thing happened to me that I wanted to share after listening to your Lose Weight CD a few times on my way to work. Later that week, I noticed that somehow I was making healthier decisions, and feeling less needy after a particularly stressful few days. I am most definitely an "escape" eater. Knowing this, and simply making the decision to stay present, and remember what I feel like after I mindlessly eat that bag of candy, has helped me make better decisions. Thank you
Hey Ellen, Listening to At EASE I have been able to sleep better. Thank you for your help. Keep up the good work.
Mitch Serlin
Heroes for Hope -
"Mind Mint" has been great. I've been listening to that pretty much daily. I think it's almost addictive - I find myself looking forward to listening to it the next morning. 🙂 It is so much better to wake up to than listening to my own recycled worries.
Phyllis Bird
Dear Ellen, I’ve struggled with chronic pain of fibromyalgia for over 10 years and have tried many different therapies and practices. But your pain management CD has actually made a difference and has helped me in so many ways, not just with pain relief. I feel more optimistic now than before. I sleep soundly at night now, which is huge, since I used to toss and turn and get by with 4-5 hours of sleep. I feel calmer and more relaxed, and people respond differently to me now. Earlier this week I went into a sandwich shop that I’ve frequented for over a year. The young man behind the counter has never been more than polite to me before even though I’m a regular. This time he was friendly and asked about my plans for the holiday, and joked about his own plans; I believe the difference was the expression on my face. I’m not suffering with pain and it shows. I’ve also begun an exercise program that I’m certain is a direct result of the positive messages in your CD. My life is improving on all fronts. Thank you and God bless you.
Kathy Williams
Dallas, TX
My sister who is in her 30s was recovering from a stroke and was having overwhelming anxiety and fear. I ordered two of your CDs and these were truly a life-saver for her. I thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown, and the CDs were the one tool she could go to for relief. My sister is almost completely recovered now and has returned to work full-time. I just wanted to let you know that your CDs can make all the difference for someone struggling to recover from a tragic event. Thanks so much! PS, she has told her neurologist, who plans to look into these CDs for her other patients.
You have done a wonderful job creating the Cd's. During my cancer treatment, people would unintentionally tell me negative things about their experience with cancer which would depress me. But your CD put me on the right track again and my positive attitude returned. I have fully recovered and plan to remain that way through positive thinking (with the help of your CD's) and healthy living. So, once again, thank you so much for offering such a wonderful, helpful product to assist people through their most difficult times in life.
Alex K.
United Kingdom
"Oh my God Ellen. I hope you were able to catch Oprah today. Everything that you talk about in your guided imagery meditation CDs, she spoke about today. I was in awe!! She even admitted that she is hungry for "love". You talk about that in your "Lose Weight" CD! Oprah also spoke about getting lost in trying to do too much and take care of everyone else. With that comes anxiety and cravings to eat things that we hope will nurture our feelings. Your guided imagery meditation CD's have helped me immensely in dealing with these issues. I work full time, am a single mom and was also diagnosed with both Lupus and Fibromyalgia five years ago, who knows anxiety and stress better than me?! I plan to write to Oprah and tell her about you. Bob Greene is great, but imagine adding the thoughts and suggestions found in your wonderful CD's to her diet and exercise program! After all, everything she's just discovering about herself, you have been meditating to me for years! By the way, I tried your "Keys to Happiness" CD yesterday for the first time. What a great CD!! I couldn't believe just how much it related to my life. Thank you.
G. Wilson
As to my view of the benefit of your CD’s, let me just say I’m a believer. I purchased your CD's from I wish I could listen to the audios most of my day rather than the 4-5 hours I do, but it is not possible. I have listened to all of your recordings, most, many times. Frankly, I believe your audio “Children Be Your Best” should be available through every school and library, and not just in our country. Speaking of goals, my weight loss continues and I am now only 22 pounds away from my target of 190. I have lost 53 pounds thus far. My personal challenge occurred in August last year when I weighed 265 and could not tolerate the direction my health was going any more. If I had done this a few years earlier I could have prevented myself from becoming a type II diabetic. Another facet is that for the 1st time in almost 20 years all of my chemical test, (blood, urine, etc.) are in the safe normal range. My doctor is actually amazed that I have been able to achieve this much with only changes in diet and exercise. And I do believe your weight loss program, "Food for Thought" has helped me to strengthen my resistance to consuming the wrong things. As an adult, during my worst eating habit period of at least 30 years, I probably made poor consumption choices 45% of the time. Now maybe 8-10% of the time and improving. Thank you. Sincerely,
Charles Perdreauville
Dear Ellen, I first became acquainted with Imadulation when I was searching for a meditation CD for my son. At that time, I also received your CD entitled LOSE WEIGHT. After following the directions, I noticed a change in my thought patterns concerning hunger and food. It was gradual and I didn't connect it at first. But after listening for a few weeks, it became obvious to me. I actually started to enjoy the sensation of being hungry before I eat. And food did taste so much better. But, I was still having a problem with night time eating. I tried different strategies without success. So, I went back to your website and found your NIGHT EATING NO MORE. I again followed the directions, listening to it after dinner every evening for 21 days. It is now over two months and I have not had anything at all to eat following dinner each and every night. I have lost 10 pounds in those two months and am so encouraged for the future. Thank you so much. I have tried other CDs which are supposed to be subliminal suggestions and have not had the success I've experienced with your CDs. I am so pleased to have discovered your works. The CDs are very relaxing. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but it just seems to make it so much easier to do the things I know I need to do. My mind is moved in the proper direction. As you say, one just needs to change one's mind. Now I am eagerly awaiting the CD on exercise motivation, "Go Grab Your Shoes". I'm so looking forward to it. Sincerely,
CHEMO COMFORT CD has been a daily companion since I received a complimentary copy from Procrit at the Guthrie Corning Cancer Center during my first round of chemo this year. Especially helpful are the breathing exercises that do relax the body, something that has always been difficult for me. I was so impressed that I went to the website and purchased two additional CD's, "Mind Mint" and "Stress Less" and was not disappointed in them either. I highly recommend "Relaxation & Wellness" and "Mind Mint" to fellow cancer patients and survivors as well as their families.
EASE PAIN “I was led to a biofeedback session with Ellen by my neurologist when I was suffering from chronic migraines almost daily in 2005. During these great sessions, that I now regard as invaluable, I gained a number of powerful tools from breathing techniques to visualization that did make an impact on the number of headaches I suffered and gave me the tools I needed to calm myself during high stress situations to potentially avoid triggering a migraine. Ellen is an extremely talented professional and has a wealth of knowledge to share in regards to healing. Her Imadulation CD’s are highly recommended!”
Erica Bollinger
I was first introduced to Imadulation's Food for Thought. I really enjoy and benefit from Lose Weight and "Mind Mint”. I listen to them at night in bed. They help me fall asleep quicker, and I am keeping off the 15 pounds that I lost using them. I was so grateful that G-d put Ellen Simon and Imadulation in my life when I found out that I had breast cancer months later. I like the way her guided imagery CDs send positive healing messages to my sub-conscious. I have recommended them to everyone I know because I really believe that everyone can benefit from Imadulation. Her motto is true, "You can change your life when you change your mind".
Beth Broodo
Dallas, Texas
I discovered Imadulation after I’d read an article in Oprah about “guided imagery”. The way it was described sounded a lot like hypnosis, which I’d used very successfully for a nail-biting problem in the early 1920. I did a search on the Internet and came up with Imadulation and Ellen. I ordered one of the CD’s and contacted her to inquire about her fees for a personal session. She graciously responded and suggested I listen to the CD for a month and contact her for an appointment if I still felt I’d benefit from a personal session. This impressed me because if Ellen’s goals were for financial gain she would have encouraged me to make an appointment right away. I really enjoyed the first CD I ordered from her, mind mint. The introduction is beneficial to anyone new to mindful breathing, meditation, or guided imagery. The induction to a trance/relaxation is wonderful, Ellen’s voice, the suggestions and sounds to breathe deeply, the background natural sounds and music make a wonderful combination. The next part, the journey, focuses on the positive reinforcement, the guided imagery to achieve a goal that one would like to address. I listened to it daily and came awake from the thirty minutes rejuvenated and empowered. I literally felt as she suggests like “pure spirit, pure energy”, one with all creation and in a funny way I was able to be less afraid of dying. Our bodies will go but our “souls”, our energy will go on forever. The new CD The Keys to Happiness is pure magic. The induction to trance/relaxation is pure bliss, the images Ellen chooses are vivid and easy to imagine, and the musical sounds, the natural sounds of waves and a babbling brook are peaceful and relaxing. The journey takes the listener thru a familiar feeling of throwing pebbles away and relating them to negative issues that we can discard as easily as the pebbles from our shoes that make it difficult to walk. The temple and the keys to unlock the doors of our inner desires, the color of the keys and the ultimate suggestion includes the most brilliant play on words for positive reinforcement and creative visualization to achieve the goals for happiness.If the idea is hers, she is truly a genius. If it was borrowed, she expanded on it with the image of the message being written on the wall of our inner temple. It comes easily to mind for me daily even when I don’t take time to listen to the CD I have read so much about how thirty minutes of meditation, mindful breathing, focusing on the “now” is beneficial, but Ellen’s product goes just a little further and presents a positive, empowering, message. I’m so impressed by it and what it’s done for me I share the message and recommend it to friends and family. Thank you Ellen, for sharing your talent and love.
"Your incredible CD, Relationship Release arrived today. I waited many hours to be able to sit down and really get into it. I do not know where to begin, and I do not wish for this to be a long read for you. First and foremost, thank you so much; you provided a "ray of hope" to me. I pray that you will be blessed ten fold. One of the greatest gifts the man I am "releasing" gave me while he was in my life was this process that went on in my bathroom mirror. When I knew he was en route, I would look one more time in the mirror to make sure I looked OK, and I always saw a beautiful woman. At my mid life age, and body parts moving south, etc. etc, I am not physically all that beautiful anymore. But while he was here, and after he left, I would look again in the mirror and see this incredibly beautiful woman. It was like some sort of transformation taking place. I gave him most of the credit, and then began to learn that it was my perception of "self" that did this. Yes, he had a gentle way of making me feel beautiful, but not something we really have true power over. Since he went away, I have avoided the mirror at all costs, because the beautiful "me" went away with him. Today after sitting down and relaxing to the CD...I went in the bathroom, turned on the light to wipe tear filled cheeks with black mascara, and all blush and lip-gloss cried off, she was there again...she was looking back at me...and she is beautiful. The "beautiful me" never really left did she Ellen? How does one say thank you for such an insight after only one session. It was the same magical transformation....But it does revolve around "self" doesn't it Ellen? Just saying "thank you" does not seem fitting at moment. A kiss to your beautiful heart and spirit for reaching back to the Universe and to her people, and for bringing them back Home. I will hold him in my heart forever, but never with a conditional love or possession, just a thanksgiving that for a time in his life he chose to share parts of himself with me. Namaste Ellen & Godspeed,"
Phoenix, AZ
Hi Ellen, I received the Mind Mint CD and listened to it at bed time, falling asleep. The next day a little while after I woke up I thought "I feel good today." Some of my worst pain is when I wake up in the morning and it's not that I never wake up feeling good but I don't always articulate and remember it. I didn't even think about the CD because I couldn't imagine that it could work that fast. I've played it several more times, always zoning out and/or falling asleep... After some heavy work in the garden that usually hurts my back but I like to do it anyway, I came in and listened to the CD to see if I could interrupt the pain cycle. I felt pretty good later. Then finally I was off work and rested enough to stay awake and listen through it. I should have guessed that I got the idea that I felt good from the CD! I will keep using it, who cares if I am only thinking that I feel good, haha?
Barbara K.
"Last night and this morning, I listened to the CD Self Love. I started meditating regularly about six years ago. I frequently use CDs as I meditate. In fact, I have purchased and sold meditation music from probably every major source available in the USA. I have listened to hundreds of CDs and cassettes. I can honestly say, the guided CD’s you create are some of the best I have had the pleasure to use. Self Love is no exception. The music and other effects had an immediately soothing effect on my total being. The content of the CD guided me to do the work that only I can do for myself. The CD is unique in its ability to apply to anyone who hears it because the guided section is individualized for the listener. I find your voice relaxing and easy to understand. The imagery is sequenced in a logical order. Good job on creating another effective healing tool."
Zachary Rapport
Faculty University of Phoenix
I feel like I have found a whole new world with your CD's. I listen and have gotten the most from "Self Love". I go to sleep with it on at night and when I wake up with insomnia I turn it back on and fall right to sleep, I don't even take the ear piece out of my ears.... I have listened to all the other CD's, they all seem to be soooo good but I can't seem to give up the Self Love to listen to the others. You have done a fantastic job with your whole program. Keep up the good work."
Emma F.
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
"I really love your LOSE WIGHT CD. It is wonderful, and I like how you target the areas where we feel hyper vigilant and highly anxious around eating and food.….then you quell our anxieties, you soften and soothe those vulnerable areas in our life so that the result is that the volume is turned down on the loud and sometimes overwhelming feelings within. Listening to your voice on the CD creates a healing space where we can feel our feelings and not have to act on them. The CD helps to create a safe inner space whereby those frenzied feelings and driven compulsion to act on cravings, are eliminated. Thanks so much, just keep on doing what you are doing because you have a healing gift that has helped me in my personal growth and recovery and I know you will help many more people."
Washington DC Director, Environmental Research
Your CDs are doing a great service. I work at the "Hospital for Cancer Patients and Blood Disorders" in El Paso, Texas, and am in charge of the Wellness Center for this institution. I give services to Cancer patients such as Guided Meditation, Qi Kung, basic breathing techniques, healing sounds, and Reiki while they are having chemotherapy. During the treatment patients feel more relaxed when listening to your CD for chemotherapy I will continue using your CDs and will monitor patients if health improvements appear. I am also teaching meditation at the University Of Texas at El Paso and your CDs had been most helpful there as well. I have been using Stress Less and Self Love to teach meditation. I congratulate you for the amazing material you offer to the public." Thank you.
Rene A. Ramirez
"I have had back pain from a work-related injury that happened two years ago. Not one day goes by that I don't have pain. I can put on one of her CD's for 30 minutes and I find myself more relaxed and better able to focus on my life and not my pain. Her voice is soothing and healing... and her delivery is second to none. I thank God everyday for her help through guided imagery."
Nancy Upchurch
"I have been enjoying your voice, your education, and your ability to bring me into a relaxed and receptive state. Your words are soothing and ring true. I support and encourage your efforts. There are so many people I know who need and/or could benefit from your work. I am grateful to you for these discs!! Tonight, in my aerobics class, we played “Go Grab your Shoes” music while we changed exercise stations. It was great. I am impressed. Be well. May you go from strength to strength."
Beth Broodo
"Ellen's combination of imagery, hypnosis, and music is the most powerful thing I've listened to in the entire "guided imagery" audio business. Her voice is gentle, yet firm, and her guidance is loving and strong. I find myself hearing her voice throughout the day. I cannot recommend her audios highly enough."
Jann Fredrickson
M.S.W., M.A., L.I.C.S.W. Mentor/Instructor The Academy for Guided Imagery
"I've been listening to your CD Comfort Meditation either at lunchtime or at the end of a stressful workday. It is very helpful in easing anxiety and de-stressing during this time of year in business, in addition to having so many personal tasks to accomplish. You continue to be such a great help in my life!"
"Thank you so much for your awesome product. I just went through a breakup yesterday and I listened to your CD, Relationship Release, this morning. It has totally helped me today. I was a mess last night. Thank you so much. I know last night was rough and I decided to just listen to your CD and it works. Of course I still have a while to go, but I am going to listen to it again and again until I am totally healed. It is amazing what the mind and meditation can do.... You keep doing what you are doing. I will definitely continue to be a satisfied customer of yours." Thanks again. Cheers,
Jill W.
"Thank you for your CD and your very nice letter. You found exactly the right words in the Relationship Release CD, though my relationship ended already, 6 months ago, I am now able to let go of all that held me back to start a new life. I can now say goodbye to my partner and wish her the very best. I understood that our journey together is now completed and that everyone has to go his own way. Thanks again and all the best for you."
"Your work is so important you know. I used to want to drink every time a really stressful day occurred. But instead of drinking now, I listen to your CD and it is so calming. Your voice is like a lifeline in my world when I'm upset. My mom got a great deal of comfort from your chemotherapy CD as well. I had her listen to it when we went last Friday for her chemotherapy. She fell asleep and woke up totally relaxed. I feel like telling everyone there about it."
Lisa T.
New York, NY
MIND MINT, KEYS TO HAPPINESS "These CDs are wonderful! I've been so much happier and have a lot more energy. I honestly can't believe the difference they've made. You're a genius!"
Cindy Rubin
Legal Assistant
GASTRIC BAND EAT RIGHT, GASTRIC BAND SLEEP SOUND "I have to tell you that I recently got the Bandster CDs and I like them SO MUCH. They are absolutely amazing. I’m getting these two new Cds for my husband (he’s not banded—can’t share the bandster ones w/ him!) I’ve only just started using the CDs but I’m very excited about them. One thing that is particularly good is that I don’t find the music distractedly annoying. I’m opinionated about music and often find background music irritating. This music floats in the background and the few times I have become aware of it I just sort of detachedly observe it. I think that must be because I’m really in an altered state. I’ve tried self hypnosis tapes before but have never gotten into the "zone" like I have with your CDs. Thanks you so much and Happy New Year!"
Deni O' Brien
"I have been listening to the Food For Thought program and it has helped me in many ways. I am making better food choices and there is no struggle at all! It seems really natural for me to choose salads and healthier foods. Even when I am out with my friends I suggest restaurants where there are healthier choices. I just pass up the fast food, easily! I also have less negative self-talk and this makes me feel better in general. I notice that the more I listen the better my results! I am really pleased."
Leslie Chamorro
"I have been listening to Successful Sales. I am in direct sales and I used to be a bit resistant to making the calls, and now my presentation just flows out of me without hesitation! It has changed my entire outlook on sales! Now when someone says “no”, it’s Ok and I move right on. I notice that on the days I listen to this CD my sales performance improves and it has made a positive difference in my success!"
Leslie Chamorro
Dear Ellen, I recently visited a friend in Sacramento who is also a psychotherapist and has your Food For Thought series. I am 56 years old and had been slender all my life until the past two years, gaining 20 pounds on my small, 5'3" frame. She let me listen to Tape 1 and take it home with me. I have been listening for two weeks every day and though I haven't been on the scale, I have not had any junk food since I started listening. I love it! Your voice is very soothing and the quality of your recording is so far above all the other guided imagery tapes I have listened to over the years. Thank you! I am planning to contact Imadulation by telephone to order the remainder of the series." Sincerely,
Ilene S.
"Dear Ellen, I have been listening to your CD's and they are very relaxing! And what a great surprise... I can tell you that it took only 1 to 2 times for the first one lose weight, to turn on a switch – I have completely changed my eating and exercise habits – in the first week I lost around 3 pounds (hopefully to never find them again). Imadulation's "Food for Thought" cds have so far been a huge help."
Barry Tenenholtz
"Dear Ellen, Last August, When I went to meet the dentist at his office, at 10:00 at night because of the amount of pain I was in, and I told him "I had 3 children naturally, and Childbirth was less painful than this..." I wasn't making a joke! My root canal and infection was excruciating. For several days I was taking pain medicine without any relief, and I never take drugs. The Novocain that the Dentist gave me that night helped for a short time... I was walking around with tears rolling down my face, the pain was unbelievable. The next night, before I went to bed, I remembered I had your Imadulation CDs. I put on Ease Pain and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, my pain was miraculously gone. I have never experienced relief like that in my life, and it stayed! Thank you Ellen for doing what you do, please don't stop! Your work will make a difference in the world & Universe." With much gratitude,
Harriet Reisman
"Dear Ellen, These CDs are awesome! I think every human being needs to take time to listen to these. We'd all be a lot happier in our lives. Thank you so much for such a relaxing, wonderful experience."
Elaine Yarborough
Registered massage Therapist Waco, Texas
STRESS LESS "Ellen, these are the best CD's I have ever heard. I had a panic attack at 3 am the other night and I used your Stress Less CD, and the panic attack went away in less than 20 minutes! I now am sleeping well. I am happy and accepting of my life. One can tell what kind of person you are by hearing you and seeing your picture. I am so glad we have met; you have positively changed my life."
Rosemary Cockrill
"Dear Ellen, I usually listen to the CD’s as I am falling asleep at night. By the way, sleep in itself is a gift. Normally, it takes me 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to fall asleep because I think about the day and what needs to be done the next day. I am relaxed and asleep within 20 minutes with your discs." Thanks again,
Beth Broodo
"Since I have been listening to your CD for sleep, Sleep Well,, I have been able to fall asleep easily and I no longer wake up in the middle of the night."
Anne Fletcher
Dallas, TX
"Nothing has been able to help me get to sleep at night. Before listening to Imadulation’s Sleep Well I admit I was skeptical but I thought, ‘I might as well try, what have I got to lose?’, so I tried and I could not help but fall asleep and right away! I am very pleased and I tell everyone about it!"
Tammy R.
Office Administrator
"My 10 year old daughter has been ill every 4-6 weeks since she was 3 years old. She would develop a high fever with fever blisters, vomit and become lethargic. She was missing so much school that I was considering home schooling her even though I have a full time job and three other children. She has been to hundreds of doctors and has received every blood test and diagnostic procedure that exists. Then I brought her to Ellen Simon. Cara regularly listens to her guided imagery CD, Sleep Well. My daughter has not been ill once since she learned the techniques to connect to her own inner healer from Ellen Simon. I am grateful to her for helping my daughter live a normal life." It will be two years this January since my daughter received her mind/body treatment from Ellen, and Cara has not once become ill since then. We are very grateful."
Debbie Lambert
Mother of 10 year old, Cara
Saturday night, I had a horrible time staying asleep. I woke up at 4:00 a.m., couldn't get back to sleep. Then I listened to your Imadulation CD, Sleep Well,land before you know it, I woke up hours later, refreshed and rested. I've listened to a few hypnotic CDs before. I haven't liked most of them, but YOURS is really GREAT. You have a great soothing voice, nice choice in music, etc. And, I do feel very positive the next day. We get overloaded with negative thoughts while we're awake. We get consumed in other people's problems. I enjoy listening to the positive messages in your CDs and releasing the negativity!!
Darren Sharp, LMT
"Dear Ellen, I just wanted to write you a song of praise for making my life a more pleasurable place to live. Through the gift of your education, hard work, and incredible talent to soothe the psyche I have discovered a long lost happier person that was stifled since the early years when I learned to confuse unhappiness for happiness. In our first conversation I told you at age 48 I felt sad like I hadn't really started living yet. It is everyone's birthright to experience peace and abundance but somewhere along life's lines it can be lost or even stolen. It is a blessing to listen to your voice and feel as though a guardian angel is transporting me to a safe place where I can relax and trust that I can let go of negative thoughts and habits that were easy to get stuck in because they were familiar and therefore comfortable. Although certainly not nurturing me to better health and well being. Hearing the gentle heart in your voice tells me that you are an incredible mother. When I listen to one of my favorites, Mind Mint, I feel like my most loving mother is taking me by the hand to that healing and loving place God intends for me by someone who genuinely cares about me...and as a part of the whole universe. We are not just one but one in the same when it comes to the big picture. If I am a better, happier person, I automatically contribute to the world being a better place. When I believe in something because I have witnessed the positive results for myself I want others to benefit from the same source. My hope in writing this testimony is that others will find a key to a door you offer and a safe journey for travel instead of taking the same road down the same path and experiencing the same problems as a result. That's the definition of insanity! Thank you Ellen Simon for providing me the 'release' button to a new and improved way of seeing myself and this life full of blessings just waiting for me to enjoy and share. People; if you do as 'Simon says' your life load will lighten up and you won't be dragging that dead weight any longer.You simply can't get very far when your walking with lead weights in your shoes! Personal growth is a life long process. Twenty years ago I probably wasn't ready to absorb and learn as I do now. I just can't help but to wonder how different my life could have been if Imadulation had been available. Thanks again for doing your part to help heal the planet. Please keep up the great work!" Many blessings,
Deborah Thiessen
"I just want to say THANK YOU. With your help I have been able to take myself off of my anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications. I have been listening to Mind Mint CD and am now able to manage my problems on my own for going on seven months now. I think most of my difficulties were due to the medication I was on - it seemed to numb me to life in general. I even had a suicide attempt during this time. I now know I am in control of my life and I can do it without medication. I am in control thanks to you."
Tifini L.
Seattle, Washington
"I suffered from severe test anxiety. I would often have to leave the room during a test because of overwhelming feelings of dread, nausea, and distress. After two sessions with Ellen Simon, I was able to pass my state board exam with flying colors! I was so relaxed and at ease, it was as if I were in my home preparing dinner. I was concerned at first that it wouldn't work for me, because I am a strong personality, but I see that being strong helps me to achieve my goals. I listened to the CD every night before my exam and it worked! I am now interested in other areas of self-improvement using her method of guided imagery and hypnosis.
Texas State Board Licensed Professional Counselor
"My whole life I have suffered with severe anxiety about going to the dentist. I have had to take oral and IV sedatives just to be able to sit in the chair. This time I just listened to the Imadulation CD, Mind Mint, and not only did I have a pleasant time, but when it was over, I was still enjoying my inner journey. I was without discomfort, no pain, no anxiety. What a pleasant surprise." Thanks, Ellen.
David Hoffman
"When I realize that I am overwhelmed by stress, my imadulation audio CD puts me back on track with little effort. Ellen guides me through the process of relaxing and letting go of unnecessary worries. She enables me to refocus -- to think positively about myself. All I have to do is take the time to listen. Then voila! Within 20 minutes I am balanced and grounded, a better me -- more relaxed, energized and in control of my emotions."
Debbie Hersh
Fundraising executive, mother of three
"First I want to tell you how wonderful the Stress Less CD is. Your voice is absolutely calming and creates an atmosphere of safety where you can let go and practice the breath and Meditation work. The music couldn't be more perfect as could you. You are making more than a worthy contribution to help the world become a better place. Thank you for being a brilliant beacon of light and may you continue to enjoy Gods Abundance."
SLEEP WELL "Of all the things we have done in your office, neurofeedback, biofeedback, Meditation, talking, thought field therapy, NOTHING HAS HELPED ME MORE THAN YOUR CDS. Every night I listen to the sleep CD, and it helps me go to sleep and also when I wake up in the middle of the night, it helps me get back to sleep. Thank you, Ellen."
Hank K.
age 8
SUBJECT: Pain Management for Back Surgery "After sustaining a serious injury in 1996, and undergoing three major surgeries, I have found that at times, dealing with the stress, tension, anger, and depression that comes with trying to cope with the constant pain to be intolerable. I have tried all sorts of counseling to find some way o situation, and it was not until I was introduced to Ellen Simon of Imadulation, and her unique approach that I experienced relief, direction and hope for my future. I recommend Ellen Simon’s audio’s to anyone who needs help dealing with the overwhelming issues related to chronic pain, and especially to those for whom standard treatment has failed or has proved disappointing. All that is needed is a willingness and an open mind, and this method can work for you, too."
David Hardwick
Dallas, Texas
"My seven year old daughter has had difficulty falling asleep at night for several months. The first night she listened to the sleep CD, by Imadulation, she was asleep in about 15 minutes. She now listens to the sleep well CD every night to help her fall to sleep. Thank you for making our evenings so much less stressful!"
Julie Cincinnati
Ellen, Thank you so much for everything you have ever done for me. I met you almost two years ago and my life has made a 180. You have taught me to be present. To trust in myself and to listen to my inner self. Thanks to you I see life in a different realm and all my dreams have come true. I now have a loving husband, a healthy and happy baby girl and the job of my dreams! You have been a light in my life!
Leslie G.
Training Coordinator
Hi Ellen, I am home almost three days after the surgery and so am still dealing with a lot of pain and tiredness. But the operation was a success. They wound up having to replace my heart valve because the repairs wouldn't hold. I needed three transfusions overall. The Successful Surgery was great. I listened to it nearly every other day before the surgery. By the time I arrived at the surgery, I was not in a panic, nervous, or hysterical in any way. So I had achieved what I wanted (with your help) and that was very heartening and very soothing. The importance for me of that reassurance and positive energy was really critical. combating emotional fear was so difficult for me to do on my own, and the sources of strength that I tapped into really did me a great benefit. Thanks again for your help. I hope we stay in touch. I believe we are on the same path, you with your wonderful CDs and me with my artwork. All the best,
"My oncologist recommended your CD: "Chemo Comfort", she teaches/practices at the Medical College of Ohio. I was extremely 'freaked out' from Graves Disease, Scleroderma (mild, thank goodness) and Breast Cancer diagnosis all in the course of 6 months. The book by Lance Armstrong was helpful to me in understanding what I might expect during chemotherapy. Your CD helped me get through the chemotherapy. I would listen every night before I fell asleep as well as during each of my chemotherapy sessions. The imagery helped me to focus on very positive things happening to me and inside me as I was 'easy-chair-lounging' in a not so positive environment. My Doctor suggested that I might find the imagery on the CD helpful and I really did. I was not comfortable discussing all of my fears/emotions in a 'support group' format and actually, I really didn't know how to express those feelings as I think that I was still reeling from the shock of all the combined diagnosis. I viewed the CD as my little friend who knew just what to say to help me feel better. Not that all my other real friends weren't helpful but, they were human and were looking for me to respond to their help in ways that I just couldn't. I'm ok now. I ordered today to send your CD to a friend of a friend who might benefit from the positive/healing imagery as well. Thank you for providing another way to heal."
Ginger Post
Ellen, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the status of my progress over the past few weeks. As you may remember, one of the issues that we discussed was my desire to reduce the amount of diet Coke that I consumed on a daily basis. I would like to express or "come clean" about the real amount of diet Coke that I consumed on an average day -- it would be very accurate to say I drank approximately 4-5 gallons per day. Diet Coke was the first thing I reached for in the morning and the last thing I did before going to sleep. You NEVER saw me without a diet Coke. This addiction has been going on for 20 plus years. With this said... I am happy to report (within a 10-day period of taking sessions with you and listening to the first Cd of Food for thought, “Wants & Needs”, I am down to approximately 12 oz. of diet Coke per day! I would also like to mention that I am not mad or anxious about the void of this in my daily routine. I mention this because historically I have experienced these mentioned emotions when I have tried to cut back my consumption of diet Coke in the past. This progress is truly effortless! Also you will be happy to hear that I have lost 7 lbs. in this same window of time. However, this too has been without a struggle. I would also like to mention I am sleeping like a "rock" and my getting through the day with a much more clear thought process. I'm keeping a journal of my daily progress and thoughts. I'll keep you posted. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP!
Charm Hubbs-Faulkner
CHEMO COMFORT Ellen, I completed listening for the second time to the 'journey' part of the cancer/ chemo CD you recorded. For the first time I also listened to all four tracks. It's the best guided imagery recording I've embraced. The audio quality, your voice quality and your guidance truly took me away from increased anxiety than I have ever recalled in the past. After listening, I was in a relaxed place and gained take-away techniques I'd either forgotten or new ones I will gradually try out. I plan to share this CD with my therapist. I have AIDS rather than cancer. But as Pat Lively, MSW at Seattle's Virginia Mason Hospital's oncology/hematology said when she offered me the CD, it had plenty of appropriateness for the HIV/AIDS patients . Pat indicated a drug rep. gave her a quantity to share with patients primarily in their cancer treatment. I thank you for providing these helpful CDs.
Greg H.
Seattle, WA
CHEMO COMFORT Ellen, We discovered your CD at the library of my husband's oncologist office at 540 West Pueblo in Santa Barbara. We have listened to Shakti Gawain and Belleruth Naperstak and enjoyed their work, but we have never ever heard anything as wonderful as your CD! When My husband played it I had to sit and listen and we both experienced such a deep state of relaxation. ( even our yellow lab seem transfixed and more relaxed!) Your work is phenomenal you must keep on making CDs! You are doing great work and now we are interested in learning more about how you can help with weight loss and stress management! Thank you for what you are doing to help. Sincerely,
Jill Smith
Dear Ellen: I wish to share my wonderful experiences with your "Food for Thought" weight loss cds. fairly quickly, in the first week that I began listening, I was half finished with a Lean Cuisine and a salad. My husband and I were chatting in front of the fire while we were eating. Even though I was enjoying the experience with him all of the sudden something inside of me said, "You are full. Do you really want to eat the rest of this dinner?" With ease I asked him to set the plate out of my site and just continued to enjoy my conversation with him. It was amazing. This happens most of the time now. As a result, I am automatically preparing much smaller portions. I feel that my body is telling me in some sort of spiritual way that I am full. Even so, I can make the choice to stop or to continue eating. Either way, I feel I am in control. Instead of guilt surrounding food I am enjoying what I eat. Beside the sudden control that I am experiencing, I just "feel" that positive energy surrounds me. Also, positive situations seem to be falling in my lap. I cannot thank you enough for what you have created to improve my life. With gratitude,
Paula D.
Houston, TX
SUBJECT: cancer & chemotherapy Dear Ellen, I had the blessing of learning about your work when I was given your CD where I am receiving chemotherapy at the Nalitt Institute for Cancer and Blood Related Disorders at the University Hospital in Staton Island, New York. I listened to your CD. "Guided Imagery for Chemotherapy" and it was wonderful!! I must say for the first time since I started chemotherapy, I had no headache or nausea! I felt so relaxed and comfortable that I told the staff an even called the American Cancer Society to tell them that everyone should have the opportunity to listen to this. Every hospital in the country needs to offer this to cancer patients. Even my arthritis pain went away. I use the relaxation techniques at the end to help me stay calm and they are terrific. Thanks you for what you have done to help me and I hope it helps many other people. Please quote me! Bless you,
Gary Louise Mucciola
Brooklyn, New York
Ellen, I am the school nurse for Wayne County High School in Monticello, KY. I designed this program called "Project Healthy Heart" to target the non-traditional athlete (who doesn't participate in high school sports or other after school programs). The whole purpose is to fight the childhood obesity epidemic. We are discussing obesity, type 1/2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension (5/15 girls had have been dx with hypertension since starting the program)...etc. They are doing a super job... but I think the CD "Go Grab Your Shoes" will be a totally awesome part of the program... Thanks again,
Amy Edwards
Dear Ellen, Some very exciting news to share with you, and a thank you again for you are part of the news. You know how very much I enjoy your CD's and you even put my very first comments to you on your website. I do not know if I shared with you that I have been working on a vast collection of "tapestries" (writings starting in Heidelberg and into the present) and as fast as I committed them to computer parchments, had them printed at a local store and held the writings in my hands...I would immediately second guess myself and put them back into the European hatbox where I stored them and try not to think about them. I was listening to your CD again on "Self Love" and a breeze came thru my mind like a "push", a "prod" a "dare". So...I pulled it out, committed it to the post, and it is going into publication within the next few months. So...once again I need to express my thanks to you. But here is the extremely amazing, magical, miraculous part of the journey. While meditating along with you on the CD you spoke of speaking to our "child within", the "teenager" within. As I was doing so, the "tapestries" almost came out of the hatbox of their own accord... my writings start as a women on a journey, they include an infant, a young child, the woman again, and a teenager. What is to be published is in fact almost my re-writing of my life in a way that was palatable to me, a tampering of history from what was, and as to how I would have lived it. It brings with it, depth, love, happiness and joy, and closure, and peace. I did not see this until the afternoon of meditating with you in the midst of your journey on the CD SELF LOVE. Here is what I am trying to say gifted took a breath, prompting me to take a breath...and thus the "tapestries" were truly borne and committed back to the exquisite Universe from whence they came. It has been almost twenty years in the making, and I never saw it so vividly and so clearly as that afternoon. How in the world do I properly give you thanks for such an awakening? Much love to you and to your continued work within your passionate field. I can only pray/hope that my "tapestries" will touch a life or lives such as you did mine, and countless numbers of others along the way. It is truly a beautiful Journey Ellen. Namaste & Godspeed,
Anna Marie Cardinal
Dear Ellen, I have lots of CDs that are supposed to help me with stress and insomnia. None of them are as effective as yours. Do you have some sort of newsletter to let people know when you have new CDs out? Your voice is very soothing, and I love the background music. Your CDs are the only ones that help me sleep regardless of the subject matter. I love all of them that I have. Thank you, and keep up the wonderful work for those of us that struggle with relaxing, staying motivated, and reaching our goals! Best regards, and thank you,
Robin Batura
Las Vegas, Nevada

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